The innovative business model developed by Frendy Energy foresees close cooperation on the part of all actors involved in the value network , in order to generate wealth for each subject according to a win- win situation where the value is created by the system and captured by each party. Suppliers, irrigation authorities and stakeholders are directly or indirectly connected to the system Frendy Energy , and strongly oriented towards a sustainable growth while respecting the principles of economic, ecological and social . In particular, the system provides, through the use of unusual instruments such as royalties of 10% irrigation institutions and the sharing of strategic partners to venture capital , equitable benefit sharing for the benefit of the community through the common good : the ‘ water. The activities are conducted with extreme caution with regard to:

• Balancing the cost / benefit and cost / effectiveness.
• Low costs and the principles of extreme affordability through a constant and integrated control of the supply chain from the company and its partners
• Maintaining the ecological integrity of the water body .


In Italy, hydropower has always been the most exploited renewable energy to the topography of the area , boasting over 2,729 plants operating in 2010. Past few years, however, the hydroelectric potential consists of large and medium jumps, suitable for construction of power higher than the MW , it is slowly depleted, thereby focusing attention on the small jumps suitable for the construction of mini-hydro plants . If it is true that the small jump may appear less profitable incentives on the one hand and the use of cutting-edge technology such as Frendy Energy , allowing the effective exploitation of the vast energy potential represented by small jumps of at least 1 , 5 meters of streams and irrigation canals which regimati of Italy and the Northern territory is abundant . The exploitation of the irrigation canal is a great opportunity for Frendy Energy :

• High number of jumps ;
• Low impact on the environment and the countryside ;
• Constant flow and controlled ;
• Over 30 Mw achievable of 56 jumps in Lombardy alone .


The irrigation authorities , under the control and supervision of the Ministry for Resources Agriculture, Food and Forestry , relate mainly to the creation and management of works of primary accumulation and transport of water intended primarily for use in irrigation. One of the areas with the highest concentration of irrigation canals in Italy corresponds to the territory entrusted to the Consortium of Eastern Sesia.Il Irrigation and drainage system of paying royalties on the energy produced stimulates the consortium to give concessions for high-performance systems and Frendy guarantees the highest efficiency on small jumps, while maximizing the benefits for the grantor . The objective of Frendy Energy is to continue the collaboration with the Consortium of Eastern Sesia and initiate new partnerships with other agencies at the same irrigation , aimed at obtaining new licenses . In this direction in the coming months will be brought forward a communication plan directed to the more than 300 bodies scattered throughout the national territory irrigation promoted jointly by Frendy and East Sesia.


Frendy Energy is at the heart of the value network as a producer and developer, through its partners and a strong footprint of technological innovation. The company has developed important innovations , achieving a significant competitive advantage as a ‘ first mover ‘ in the field , little attention so far from the big players . Among its innovations , which make

plants Frendy cutting edge of technology include:

• Innovative turbine developed by ABB , with flow control thanks to the inverter;
• raker of new conception in galvanized chain and integrated hydraulic system capable of increasing the efficiency and automation of the system even remotely ;
• Hydraulic engineering techniques such as intake and draft tube specially developed for use on small jumps and channels to improve the overall performance of the system;
• Sluice gate level to adjust the level of the channel ;
• Remote control for iphone and also alarm system restores and highly functional.



Frendy boasts strong relationships with some suppliers are considered strategic for the development of the business:

• Partnerships established: some cemented by a direct stake in the capital of Frendy;
• Collaboration continues: exploitation of Spare Capacity of suppliers in terms of staff, facilities and resources (Ventura method);
• Possibility ‘of choice between different providers for the same category.

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